We love what you hate to do, and we do it well. It’s time to take control of your data and use it to scale your business to new heights.

Data Entry / Encoding

Amidst all technological advancements, data encoding remains to be an indispensable component of every business. From basic hand-written records to more advanced optically scanned documents, data entry work is an ongoing necessity that requires broad knowledge and discipline.

At CallsPath, quality is always our top priority. Our team of data encoders are focused on delivering accurate output, maintaining data integrity at all costs.

Call Transcription

In a lot of industries, speech-to-text transcription is an essential and powerful tool. It is widely used in business, training, and even legal reasons. As compared to audio, text has increased accessibility, and more search and analysis features.

We take call transcription services further by adapting to your needs and meeting all your requirements at a quick turnaround time. Our team of experts possess the proper training, tools, and proficiency to provide you with precise and reliable data all the time.

Let us help you grow your business the smart way.

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