Building and maintaining relationships, one customer at a time.

Sales and Retention

Inbound / Outbound / Blended Services

We speak the language of sales. Here at CallsPath, not only do we increase sales conversions for you, we also boost utilization by creating a blended environment that allows both inbound and outbound in the same group; which in effect, maximizes your ROI.

We treat your business as ours, and your customers as our own. We understand how critical it is to build relationships with each customer, so we customize our calls and responses to provide the best solution for each customer.

Add-on / Cross-sell/ Upsell

Maximize your ROI and increase your revenue stream by offering various products or services to your current line. Our customer sales agents are highly trained and proficient in cross-selling, offering add-ons, and upselling your products on every call. At CallsPath, we present and close deals. We offer solutions designed to enhance your sales performance and generate more revenue.

Customer Service

At CallsPath, we never end a call until a customer is satisfied. We put utmost importance in customer satisfaction because this translates to repeat business and referrals.

It is never an easy task to win a customer’s trust and respect, but we are able to go beyond boundaries and overcome all hurdles to deliver customer satisfaction. With our highly skilled and trained front liners, you can be assured that your customers are given accurate and timely assistance in every transaction.

Allow us to take care of your customers while you take care of your business.

At CallsPath, you can expect amazing RESULTS with:

  • One Call Resolution
  • Voice of the Business (VOB)
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) / Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Ratings
  • Handling Time

Chat and Email Support

When it comes to managing customer relationships, chat and email support have become primary platforms. As compared to phone support, chat and email support are relatively less expensive but as effective in improving a customer experience and increasing loyalty.

Our highly skilled chat and email support specialists are able to offer excellent turnaround time, combined with exceptional customer service skills. All your customers’ needs are efficiently managed through these channels.

Technical Support

Technical support is quite a chore and oftentimes, it is a frustrating experience. Outsourcing this from us frees you from the burden of dealing with one query after another. Our technical support specialists are equipped to handle all kinds of issues from pre-sale, post-sale, in and out of warranty issues, and more. We focus on knowing your product in and out to achieve a one call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Our technical support focuses on small and medium sized businesses from the electronics, appliances, automotive, warranty, and insurance industries.

The CallsPath Guarantee:

  • To equip your customers to resolve minor issues so as to minimize repeat calls. This means a cut-down on costs for you.
  • Custom Application Development
  • To bring forth end-to-end resolution on all issues until a customer is satisfied. This means higher customer retention for you.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more business. In the last five years, CallsPath has been helping clients reach out to qualified leads through outbound calling. We tap customers who are actively searching for various products and services and match them with what our clients can offer. We have mastered the art of closing deals and to date, we are trusted by several leading companies worldwide.

Let us help you grow your business the smart way.

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